Voxi or Smarty? These two networks have the best SIM deals only this weekend

If your contract is now coming to an end and you are looking for new SIM-only deals, there are two choices that currently stand out from the crowd. These options are from Smarty and Voxi.

Both brands specialize in one-month rolling contracts, allowing you to leave whenever you want and not be tied for a long time. At the moment, the two are having brilliant promotions.

Go for Voxi and you will get 20 GB of data (instead of 15 GB) while only pay £ 15 per month. That alone wouldn’t make Voxi so competitive, but it’s all the extras the network brings.

This is a 5G compatible SIM card and on social media and streaming platforms including Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, Twitter, Netflix, YouTube and more you will not use any data. This means that you will seldom eat into your 15 GB anyway.

Smarty, on the other hand, offers the UK’s cheapest unlimited SIM card (correspondent only by three). This will costs you £ 16 per month. That’s down from its initial price of £ 20 per month and given Smarty’s rolling contracts, this makes for a fantastic flexible contract for those who use data.

Voxi’s economical SIM card only processes:

SIM only plan from Voxi | 1 month rolling | 15 GB 20 GB of data | Unlimited calls and texts | £ 15 per month
This Voxi SIM has a lot to offer. It’s 5G compatible, comes with 20GB of boosted data (down from 15GB) and using social media and streaming apps on this plan won’t use any data. This includes Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Netflix, YouTube, TikTok, and more. All this for a price of just £ 15 per month.

Voxi uses the Vodafone network for its signal and coverage
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Smarty SIM only plan | 1 month rolling | Unlimited data, calls and texts | £ 20 £ 16 per month | reduction of 20
For just £ 1 more per month, you can opt for Smarty instead. This additional consideration entitles you to a completely unlimited data plan. For those who burn data, especially on non-streaming or social media apps, this will be the far better of the two SIMs. However, Smarty is not a 5G network unlike Voxi, which is worth considering in your decision.

Smarty uses the Three network for its signal and coverage
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Why choose Smarty or Voxi?

Like we said above, these are two of the best SIM plans on the market right now, but what really sets them apart from the crowd? Both providers only use one-month rolling contracts, which means you can leave at any time. They both also offer unlimited calling and texting, but this is now almost universal on all SIM cards.

Voxi has an advantage over the competition mainly because of its endless patterns. As we mentioned above, that means endless use of streaming apps and social media. This is a truly unique feature and one that no other vendor has. Voxi also offers a rewards program called Voxi Drops where you can claim free gifts and discounts.

While Smarty isn’t a 5G network like Voxi and doesn’t have the endless scheme, it’s the much cheaper provider of the two. If you were to try to get unlimited data with Voxi it would cost you £ 35 per month, more than double what Smarty charges.

While Voxi is the most feature-rich option, Smarty is all about affordability and in all of its plans, it’s one of the cheapest options out there.

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