Tyler, the creator releases new music lending his trademark style to Coca-Cola Commercial

Tyler, the creator releases new music lending his trademark style to Coca-Cola Commercial

Tyler’s transition from creator-angry rapper to alt-pop megastar has left little for surprises, but the artist’s new collaboration with Coca-Cola sees the company embrace his unique style. According to a recent post on Twitter and the company’s YouTube channel, the artist created the music for Coca-Cola’s “Open That Coca-Cola” ad campaign.

“Open That Coca-Cola” sees a number of people in a bustling city walk out after taking a sip of the trademark drink, from the corner store to the rooftop of an old-school apartment. This piece of music is emblematic of the new sound of Tyler, The Creator, with loud, bustling synths and an infectious hip hop beat that goes perfectly with the dances in the commercial.

“mannnn thank you coca cola for the real big love for the opportunity i was like ehh idk but then i ran with this damn. the ads need sounds like this thanksssssssss,” wrote Tyler, The Creator in a tweet.

It’s been an unusually quiet last year for Tyler, The Creator, who released his final studio album IGO in 2019 to a mountain of critical acclaim and commercial success making mxdwn’s top 50 albums list that year. He appeared earlier this year on Brent Faiyaz’s song “Gravity”, which was released as a standalone single. He also performed two songs by IGO“EARFQUAKE” and “NEW MAGIC WAND” alongside Charlie Wilson and Boyz II Men at the 2020 Grammy Awards.

“Building on style and critical acclaim flower boy, Tyler continues to push the boundaries personally and creatively without worrying about his past. In all, IGO is Tyler’s most cohesive project to date and will go down as a turning point in his career,” explained mxdwn reviewer Henry Green.

Photo credit: Mauricio Alvarado


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