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TRUMAN – Truman City Council held an emergency meeting on Thursday to discuss a staffing plan. The council is looking to fill three town hall positions.

City Clerk Amy Huber stepped down at the end of October. Assistant Clerk / Utility Billing Specialist Thea Boesch tabled her opinion in mid-November and longtime part-time administrative assistant Sherry Hanson will be completed at the end of February.

Council members Patty Truax, Brian Nickerson, longtime former city clerk, Monte Rohman and Boesch recently participated in interviews with an assistant utility billing clerk.

Truax provided the other board members with the job description as well as information about the preferred candidate.

“She fits really well. She has no municipality (experience but she has many years of service, “ said Truax.

Truax said those who attended the interviews agreed on their best candidate.

Board member Brandon Mosloski expressed that he was a little nervous due to the lack of accounting experience.

“I think we are all a little afraid of guns because of the experience we have had in recent years” said Truax.

Mayor Terry Bentele has said that if the candidate is a good candidate, he hopes he will stay in the post for a long time.

Mosloski said although he had concerns, he acknowledged that committee members heard the candidates’ information and was confident they did their job.

“It’s a little worrying, but we need someone. These guys have a good feeling and that’s what we asked them ”, said board member Jake Ebert.

He made a motion to go ahead with the candidate and Truax seconded him. The board approved unanimously.

Moving on to the post of city clerk, Truax said they interviewed someone for the job and even though they had matching qualifications, it didn’t seem like a good fit for them.

She also said that the current advertisement for the job and the job description do not exactly match.

“We have the feeling that we have to rerun the announcement with corrections”, said Truax.

The board considered whether the position requires someone with an associate’s degree or a bachelor’s degree.

Truax said if they applied for an associate’s degree as a minimum, they could get more people to apply. A bachelor’s degree would always be preferable.

Although they have already started the interview process, Truax said she made inquiries with the town attorney who told her they could rebroadcast the ad.

“I think we should run the ad until it’s completed” said Truax.

She said that since Hanson finished in February, she thinks they should advertise for the administrative assistant position soon so they can hire and train someone before Hanson is finished.

“I know it’s a lot but we’re at this point where we’re not going to have anybody in there”, said Truax.

“The sooner we can take over all of these positions, the better off we’ll be in the long run. “ said Bentel.

Truax brought forward a motion to advertise the clerk position as well as the assistant administrative office position. The motion was carried.

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