Tim Farron welcomes reports of new law to impose tougher penalties on pet thieves

MP Tim Farron welcomed reports that the government pet theft task force should recommend that new law be created to impose tougher sentences on criminals who steal pets.

Figures obtained through a RADAR freedom of information request revealed that Cumbria police recorded 36 dog thefts in the year ending March 31, up from 19 the year before.

According to media reports, government sources say the new offense would recognize the “sensitivity of animals” and, taking into account the loss to the owner as well as the welfare of the animal, would result in harsher penalties.

Mr Farron campaigned for changes to the law and last month was the only MP from Cumbria to vote for an amendment to the Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill that would make animal theft a specific criminal offense.

“I am encouraged that the government has started to listen to MPs and activists and believe that they are finally going to take action to tackle the deeply disturbing increase in pet theft,” he said. -he declares.

“So many families have gone through the unspeakable pain of having their pets stolen over the past year.

“It is so important that we put this new law in place immediately so that justice can be properly served and to act as a strong deterrent to prevent more of these cruel thefts from happening. ”

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