The X-Men get a bold warning from the Eternals in Marvel’s Judgment Day (Exclusive)

The X-Men and Eternals are set to team up, but there may be friction along the way. The two factions are currently at war in the pages of AXIS: Judgment Day, though it has more to do with Druig, the Prime Eternal, stating that mutants are an excessive form of deviation. Druig began the assault on the island of Krakoa, home of the X-Men, which went mostly Judgment Day miniseries. There will be several tie-ins to the event that will expand on the main story, and the next issue of x-men does this by having the X-Men and Eternals work together in an uneasy alliance. has an exclusive look at x-men #13 by Gerry Duggan and CF Villa. It resumes immediately during the events of AXIS: Judgment Day #2 as the giant Hex Eternals wreaks havoc on Krakoa. It is also the first x-men issue after the team’s new roster was unveiled at the 2022 Hellfire Gala. It saw mainstays Cyclops, Jean Grey/Marvel Girl, and Synch joined by Forge, Firestar, Magik, Iceman, and Havok. In the x-men Preview #13, Forge uses one of his many inventions to get the most out of a Hex Eternal, while Jean Gray and Ikaris communicate telepathically. Ikaris gives John the rundown of the Hex, their power supply, and how to stop them.

Ikaris agrees to help the X-Men get to the vault where Uranos, who is bonded to Thanos, controls the Hex’s power supply. Since only the Eternals can access the vault, Ikaris plans to help the X-Men sneak out. However, he has one request in return for this favor: the X-Men cannot kill any Eternals. Jean tells Ikaris that they’ll do their best not to, but Ikaris responds by saying, “If you kill the Eternals, I won’t help you.”

The reason Ikaris makes this request likely has to do with the secret of how the Eternals maintained their immortality. When an Eternal dies, the machine (Earth) brings them back to life by stealing a human’s life force, thus killing them. Only the Eternals know about this secret, and they more than likely want to keep it that way. The world already knows that the X-Men can resurrect themselves, which led to the X-Men/Eternal conflict in the first place.

You can take a look at the preview of x-men #13 below, and be sure to let us know your thoughts in the comments. The issue goes on sale Wednesday, August 17.

X-MEN #13

  • book cover of MARTIN COCCOLO
  • Mutants are the next stage of evolution. Evolution depends on a mutation of genes – the genes of the offspring diverging from their progenitors. Some would call the gene X deviation EXCESS. These people are going to have to be taken down a few pegs.
  • 32 PGS./Rated T+ …$3.99

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