the ultimate plan for investors under 30

However, clients have a limited choice of where to invest as they have to purchase the fund group’s low cost tracking portfolios.

AJ Bell is one of the cheapest Isa options for investors with £ 10,000 who want to buy funds and stocks, while for those who focus only on stocks, Freetrade, iWeb and IG Group are profitable.

For many under 30, buying a first home will be a priority. And if a £ 10,000 pot is a place to start, it is likely to prove insufficient for many. The average price of a house in Britain is £ 256,000 according to data from the Office for National Statistics, while the average deposit is £ 58,983, excluding London properties, according to the Halifax Bank.

For these savers a Lifetime Isa will be the best option as it includes a 25pc government bonus on top of your own money. Investors can invest a maximum of £ 4,000 per year in the program. However, the accumulated money can only be withdrawn for a home or retirement deposit, so investors need to be sure that’s what they want to do.

Where a house deposit is far enough away – over five years at a minimum – savers might look to invest through a Lisa.

Mr Bredin said: “Fewer investment platforms offer access to Lisas, so the choice is more limited than investing directly in Isa. But among those who do, our choice would be AJ Bell. It offers access to a range of investment options including funds, stocks, investment trusts and exchange traded funds at a relatively low cost of 0.25 pence. “

Reach the £ 50,000 mark

Investors with a starting pot of £ 10,000 could expect to dramatically shorten the time it takes to reach their goal of £ 50,000 by topping up the pot with regular savings.

Typically, the stock markets earn between 5% and 7% per year, but even with a generous 8% return each year, £ 10,000 would rise to £ 13,862 over five years without further contribution. However, investing an additional £ 500 each month would lead to a portfolio value of £ 49,438 assuming the same rate of growth.

Adrian Lowcock, an expert in finance, said: “Probably the most significant impact on the overall value of a portfolio is how much you actually save, especially in the short term, because investing is much more about getting rich slowly. . ”

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