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On December 17, Russia presented America with a proposal for a peace settlement that would allow the UN to be not only nominally but in reality the one and only body that can create international law. The proposed treaty would undo US efforts to replace the UN with the never-defined “rules-based international order” that was first proposed by the neoliberal-neoconservative Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd in 2008 and was never defined by anyone because he replaced international (UN) laws with decrees of the US government, which no one (apart from vassal nations of the US regime like the ‘Australia) will not accept. So: Rudd’s “rules-based international order” is really just an attempt to impose the American empire to replace the UN, and this cannot be done without a third world war in which the United States and its allies go to war against the rest of the world and win, which is impossible because there would only be losers: any third world war would end all life on this planet, or at least all human life, because of nuclear winter if only for another reason. (Yes, it is possible for BOTH sides of to lose a war). Obama told the US military on May 28, 2014:

The United States is and remains the only indispensable nation. This has been true for the past century and it will be true for the next century. … Russia’s aggression against former Soviet states is irritating European capitals, while China’s economic growth and military reach worries its neighbors. From Brazil to India, the rising middle classes are competing with us and governments are seeking more say in global forums. … It will be the task of your generation to respond to this new world.

In short: everything other nations are “dispensable” and all emerging and competing poorer nations are enemies to whom “the task of your generation” is to “respond” (militarily) to this economic competition, from such “enemies”.

This would be the spirit in which the proposed “rules-based international order” would be imposed on the world. And, now, Russia is finally demanding that America withdraw from America’s demand to replace the UN with its own international dictatorship (no Security Council, no General Assembly). Russia, finally, is telling America that ONLY the United Nations is and will be the The source international laws; America habit.

Russia demands that, just as the founder of the UN, FDR, had planned since August 11, 1941 (see pages 5 and 6), that is to say before America even entered World War II, and until his death on April 12, 1945, when he became succeeded by the neo-conservative (i.e. seeking an all-encompassing global American empire) President Harry S Truman, all empires must be ended now and replaced by a UN that is, finally, fully empowered to make and judge and enforce international laws so that all geostrategically important weapons come under the control of the United Nations. UN, as FDR had planned. Russia now (in fact) demands that this ultimately be finished. Russia demands that all the empires, including that of America, must be REPLACED by a UN which will be reformed in the image that FDR has been advocating since August 11, 1941. This is what Russia is calling for today: the end of “neoconservatism” that Truman had started on July 25, 1945, when Truman decided (based largely on the advice of General Eisenhower, whom Truman practically worshiped) that either the Soviet Union would take over the world or America would, and when he and Ike chose America to take over the world, then all subsequent American presidents implemented this neoconservative plan – the Truman-Eisenhower plan, for a world controlled by American billionaires (the people who now control the US government).

So since what followed after FDR was Truman’s America, instead of FDR’s America, this America will say no to that.

Russia also presented, on the same day, a proposal for “AGREEMENT ON MEASURES TO ENSURE THE SECURITY OF THE RUSSIAN FEDERATION AND MEMBER STATES OF THE NORTH ATLANTIC TREATY ORGANIZATION”, which would begin as being an “agreement”, but would ultimately be intended to produce a set of treaties between Russia and each of the NATO countries.

The great professor of international national security law, Alexander Mercouris, headlined on December 18: “Russia demands strategic retreat from the United States, demands that the United States accept the draft treaties terminating / canceling the expansion of NATO, relaunches the INF, the ABM treaties, respects the UN, puts an end to American exceptionalism, Change Wars regime ”, and explained in a one hour video, in very clear terms, what Putin proposes in each of these two documents, and what is the significance of these proposals, although these proposals are the beginning of serious negotiations for a fundamental change in the current world-system, or else the third world war. It will be a major turning point in history, anyway.

American and allied arms makers will no doubt be terrified that their decades-old gravy trains are finally seriously questioned, and the billionaires who take those trains will do their utmost to continue in the current direction of these trains, always closer to the Third World War (and ever more important arms sales).

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