The 10 best advent calendars you can buy now and save for December

THE holiday season is approaching, so you may already be thinking about Christmas shopping.

From Cadbury to Galaxy to Malteser, we’ve rounded up our 10 best advent calendars you’re picking up right now in time for December.


We’ve rounded up our 10 best advent calendars to buy now

There’s no denying that December is an expensive month and many are often left behind until January.

So why not start as soon as possible? It can save you a lot of stress, and planning ahead and allocating costs before December is a great way to reduce financial pressure during the holiday season.

We’ve found chocolate calendars for as little as £1, but there are all sorts of different options to choose from.

Of course, it’s always worth looking for the best deals and factoring in shipping costs on top.

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Just because a retailer has products on sale doesn’t mean you can’t find it cheaper elsewhere.

But without further ado, let’s get into what you could get.

A luxurious John Lewis


A luxurious John Lewis1 credit

Hotel Chocolat Until the Snow Good Advent Calendar

Start the countdown to Christmas off right with this luxurious festive treat.

You can find your nearest John Lewis using this handy store locator if you want to pick it up yourself.

Be sure to note the minimum delivery price of £3.50 if ordering from home.

And if you’re not a chocolate fan, you can also pick up a John Lewis Card Calendar for £4.75, like this one.

Get it at Ocado online supermarket


Get it at Ocado online supermarket1 credit

M&S Percy Pig Milk Chocolate Advent Calendar

Everyone loves Percy Pigs – so why not have a calendar to celebrate?

This one comes with 24 milk chocolates in the shape of Percy as well as a mini bag of chewy gummies.

Keep in mind that it’s a lot cheaper than other M&S calendars – for example, this one costs £46.

Can't go wrong with a classic - from Waitrose


Can’t go wrong with a classic – from Waitrose1 credit

Cadbury Heroes Advent Calendar

This one’s for all the assortment lovers – you can get mini crunches, fudges, swirls or more day by day with this calendar.

You can find your nearest Waitrose here.

As always, don’t forget to factor in delivery costs.

These might be more if you live further away, so be sure to check before you buy.

De Boots - for a well-deserved relaxation


De Boots – for a well-deserved relaxationCredit: Boots

Sence Collection Advent Calendar

If you like to be pampered and prefer to get bath products instead of chocolate, this one is definitely a winner.

Comprising mini face masks, body mists and facial cleansers, it’s just the relaxing collection you could need to unwind this Christmas.

Keep delivery costs in mind – it’s an extra £3.75 to have it sent home, but you can also order it for tomorrow if you click ‘buy’ now.

Find your nearest boots here.

From B&M - a popular choice that doesn't need to cost the earth


From B&M – a popular choice that doesn’t need to cost the earthCredit: bmstores

Galaxy Advent Calendar

For such a classic choice, you might as well get it for cheap.

Don’t forget the delivery charge or, if it’s easier, run to the nearest B&M to pick one up.

It’s worth noting that the same also sells for £2 in Iceland and Morrisons, so it’s best to decide based on which one is closer.

Reese's Pieces fans - this one is from Wilko


Reese’s Pieces fans – this one is from Wilko1 credit

The advent of Reese’s gravity

Peanut butter fans – we’ve found your favorite.

For a collection of mini peanut butter cups stuffed with pretzel pieces, head to your nearest Wilko.

Note that it’s an extra £4.95 for standard delivery – and it’s another £2.95 if you just want to collect it from a selected location.

In this case, we recommend that you visit your nearest store.

Grab a Tasty Caramel Calendar from Poundland


Grab a Tasty Caramel Calendar from Poundland1 credit

Toffifee Calendar

These are delicious caramel cups filled with hazelnuts with a chocolate filling – and not too hard on the teeth either.

We recommend visiting your nearest Poundland for more of a selection if you don’t like these.

Many are sold out online right now, and it’s always best to avoid delivery charges where possible.

You can find delicious Maltese truffles in a Tesco calendar


You can find delicious Maltese truffles in a Tesco calendar1 credit

Maltesers Chocolate Truffle Assortment Advent Calendar

Don’t forget you can always use your Clubcard when shopping at Tesco to get even more deals – so it’s worth a look.

Tesco vouchers are given to customers who earn points throughout the year using their Clubcard.

One point is awarded for every £1 spent in-store or online, or one point for every £2 spent on fuel.

If you accumulate 150 points you will receive a £1.50 voucher, and vouchers can be redeemed at several Tesco partners including English Heritage and Pizza Express.

Find your nearest Tesco here.

From Morrisons, spoil your little ones


From Morrisons, spoil your little ones1 credit

Barbie Advent Calendar

If your little one loves Barbie, this could be the perfect addition to her Christmas.

It comes with 24 mini solid milk chocolates, and it’s the cheapest on our list.

Find it at your local Morrisons.

Otherwise, delivery costs may vary depending on where you live.

Buy a Christmas classic from Asda


Buy a Christmas classic from Asda1 credit

Cadbury Dairy Milk Advent Calendar

Another classic calendar – again on the cheap. Pick up this Cadbury Calendar from your local Asda here.

Delivery can be cheaper if you buy it next door to a big store, so if you don’t, it might be better to pick it up in person.

Don’t forget you can also get this version for £2 from Waitrose, so this one’s a good buy.

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And if you fancy some Christmas shopping, check out Tesco’s huge range of toys here.

The sale will run until November 2 across 260 Tesco stores, so it’s time to browse.

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