Study demonstrates long-lasting efficacy of COVID-19 vaccine programme

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Researchers performing preclinical testing of a COVID-19 vaccination program have found a high antibody response lasting for more than 18 weeks.

Biotechnology company Defense Therapeutics Inc specializes in the development of ADC and treatments for cancer and infectious diseases. The organization recently announced its first lead candidate in its COVID-19 vaccine program, AccuVAC-PT001.

ACCUM of DefenseMT The platform opens up a new biotherapeutic modality by ensuring efficient and distinct processing of proteins (antigens) by specialized antigen-presenting cells (dendritic cells), consequently leading to improved immune responses. This is demonstrated by the potent and long-lasting immune response induced with its AccuVAC-PT001 protein-based vaccine candidate against the SARS-CoV-2 Wuhan strain (additional studies targeting other COVID variants are underway). The observations highlight how the ACCUM platform can be applied to any infectious disease antigen as a means of dramatically increasing its processing by dendritic cells and effectively boosting immunity.

High antibody response

When tested in immunocompetent mice in a university laboratory, AccuVAC-PT001 from Defense generated a very high antibody titer with a response lasting more than 18 weeks after vaccination. The research study for publication is currently underway and is expected to be published in the fourth quarter of 2021. The study findings are a breakthrough for Defense, as most of the humoral responses induced by current vaccination strategies or Natural infections begin to decline exponentially in less than eight weeks. Additional studies performed in a private clinical research organization further demonstrate active blockade of infection of human cells by the virus when subjected to antibodies induced by AccuVAC-PT001.

Sébastien Plouffe, Chief Executive Officer of Defense, said: “Defense’s objective is to advance our pipeline as we move towards clinical validation. Defense’s ability to leverage its distinct platform, ACCUM, creates a novel and potentially unprecedented therapeutic response targeting multiple diseases.

Other clinical studies

In addition to performing standard toxicology studies to ensure vaccine safety, AccuVAC-PT001 is currently being tested in larger non-rodent animals to validate its potency and immunogenicity. The results of this study will determine progress towards further clinical studies.

“I am satisfied with the continued progress and development of our pipeline. The potential of our ACCUM technology positions Defense to provide solutions to current or future infectious diseases, ”added Plouffe.

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