Sauk County adds new social worker position as part of state initiative to eliminate waitlist | Government & Politics

“I don’t think there is necessarily a big increase in the number of these types of children in families,” Brattset said. “I think what is happening, and this is generally a good thing, is that families realize that there is help available.”

Referring to the numbers as “a moving target,” Brattset said he believed the state tried to run a static number on a waiting list, but once there was more funding and time shorter wait times, families began to register in greater numbers.

Social workers help families of children with long-term disabilities or with complex medical needs keep children at home and get involved in the community. Their jobs cover the day-to-day life of one of the children, ranging from helping to facilitate home modifications like a wheelchair ramp or improving the bathroom at work with school officials to support the child’s education and help him enroll in community social programs.

“Make sure that the child receives as good an education and a well-balanced lifestyle as possible, taking into account any accommodations that might be necessary due to his disability,” said Brattset. “This is good basic social work:” How is the person doing and what can we do to help this process? “”

The position would cost a maximum estimate of over $ 92,000 per year, with one-time costs for training and supplies as well as possible salary and benefits for the employee. Miller said the job searcher would be closed in five days, and then interviews could begin. Someone could start the job around Aug. 1, but that’s an estimate and depends on when, Miller said.

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