Jaguars should consider hiring David Culley as WR coach

The Jacksonville Jaguars are on the verge of a full roster under new head coach Doug Pederson. There are only a few vacancies left on the staff of the team, although new roles may also be added.

However, one of those offensive positions will be a crucial hire for Pederson, and that’s receivers coach. The group has been a disappointment in 2021 under former coach Sanjay Lal, and their play has limited rookie quarterback Trevor Lawrence’s progress.

Recruiting well is needed this time around, and there’s one candidate in particular the Jags could (and should) consider, and he’s a coach Jags fans may know.

David Culley’s tenure as head coach of the Houston Texans ended in a year, as did Urban Meyer’s, but unlike Meyer, Culley retains a strong reputation in the league. He has also worked with Pederson in the past during his stops in Philadelphia (before Pederson was head coach) and Kansas City.

A lifelong coach with 45 years on the field (27 of them as an NFL assistant), there are fewer more experienced coaches than Culley. Much of that experience has been as a receivers coach, and given both his background as a coach and his reputation for building strong relationships with players, Culley could be an ideal candidate. to join the Pederson staff.

The Texans went just 4-13 in a year at the helm, but that was arguably too good, especially considering quarterback Tyrod Taylor went down and had to be replaced by the third-ranked rookie. Davis Mills round, which had arguably the best season. of any first-year passer.

Bringing Culley on the staff would not only give the Jags an experienced option to coach the group of positions that needs the most work, but it would also give Pederson an obvious candidate for an assistant head coaching job. It’s a role Culley also held under John Harbaugh in Baltimore before taking the job from Houston.

Culley is well-liked by his players, a seasoned receivers coach, and also has head coaching experience, albeit for just one season. Pederson will likely consider other candidates as well, but it would be hard to make a better hire than Culley.

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