Here’s how much Christopher Mintz-Plasse is really worth

Although the exact net worth of Christopher Mintz-Plasse is unknown, Celebrity Net value currently claims the actor is sitting on a nest egg of $ 12 million. And it’s safe to assume that (unless his manager worked on a chic backend contract) most of Mintz-Plasse’s fortune was actually earned after his Super bad appearance. You may not know it, but Super bad was actually the then-17-year-old actor’s first screen appearance. As such, its price was almost certainly low, even for such a large role.

And as mentioned, Mintz-Plasse has really been busier than you might think since its breakthrough in 2007 (via IMDb). He continued to appear alongside his Super bad co-star Michael Cera and Jack Black in First year, the commercial lines with Paul Rudd and Sean William Scott in Role models, lending his voice to Dreamworks’ animated smash How to train your dragon, hearing potential songbirds from Perfect, and team up with Super bad scribe Seth Rogen for another steamy play in Neighbors. He even played a version of himself in the Marvelous 2013 Meta Comedy. It is the end (with a real who’s-who of great comedic talent).

And if there’s one role that we sincerely hope the actor was generously paid for, arguably Christopher Mintz-Plasse’s most recognizable post-McLovin role, it’s also Kick ass‘up-and-coming big bad Chris D’Amico (aka Red Mist). Because neither this movie nor its sequel would have worked so well without it, even though some could discuss the sequel didn’t work at all.

Hits and failures aside, Christopher Mintz-Plasse has undoubtedly become one of Hollywood’s most singular presences over the years. And while he never completely shakes up McLovin in his life, it’s good to know he’s still doing really well.

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