Casting possible for a ‘Legend Of Zelda’ movie

Last year, in the tradition of the 35e birthday of super mario bros., Nintendo has confirmed that it has plans for a Mario animated film. Scheduled to be co-produced by Universal and Illumination (the team behind the Minions films), this feature is slated for release in 2022, so it’s upon us. Plus, this confirmation got fans thinking: if Mario had a movie for his 35e birthday, will Link receive the same treatment for his? On top of that, his latest adventure, Breath of the wild to be the inspiration?

Indeed, 2021 is the 35e anniversary of the original The Legend of Zelda game, so many industry insiders have been predicting a big-screen adaptation for some time now. Rumors of various Zelda-related projects have been circulating online for years (including a Netflix series and even a version starring Tom Holland), but many believe it’s finally time for Hollywood to visit Hyrule. Additionally, given the unprecedented critical and commercial response to Breath of the wild, the majority of fans hope that the studios will choose this game as a source of inspiration. So, assuming the movie will borrow mostly from BOTW and be live-action, here’s who fans are hoping to bring the game’s key characters to life.

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Link Thomas Brodie-Sangster breath of nature

A fan favorite for some time now, Thomas Brodie-Sangster has been the frontrunner for the role of protagonist Link since he rose to prominence as Jojen Reed in The iron Throne. Equipped with the same quasi-elf characteristics as the Hyrulian hero, many believe that Brodie-Sangster looks so much like Link, it would be a total waste not to cast him.

Plus, Brodie-Sangster has the acting talent to back it up. Whether it’s like Reed in The iron Throne, Benny Watts in The Queen’s Gambit, or Ferb in Phineas and Ferb, the actor has had a prodigious career of calm but endearing characters, fitting him perfectly to wield the Triforce of Courage.

Rising to power in Hollywood, Thomasin has yet caused a sensation through a series of impressive roles. First ramp-up in 2018 Leaves no trace, the actress has since appeared in 2019 Bunny Jojo, and will play a big role in the next Edgar Wright film Last night in Soho. With those great performances under her belt, many believe she would be fantastic as Zelda.

Indeed, like Brodie-Sangster, she too sports elven traits that would seemingly make her at home in Hyrule. This odd appearance, coupled with her phenomenal acting ability, made the 20-year-old a favorite for the role.

Ostensibly the youngest of the champions of Hyrule, Mipha is the keeper of the divine beast Vah Ruta and the princess of the people Zora. Modest and even a little shy, the actress lending her voice to Mipha would need to be able to express the youth and shyness of the character.

So who better than Kiersey Clemons? The young American actress rose to fame thanks to the 2015 film Drug, but has a lot of experience in voice acting through roles like Darling in 2019 the Lady and the Tramp, and Dee Dee Skyes in the 2020s Scoob!. Considering the pedigree of his vocal talents, Clemons would be a top choice for Mipha.

The champion Gerudo who pilots the Divine Beast Vah Nabouris, Urbosa is a no-frills powerhouse; a truly intimidating force. Not afraid to challenge both Calamity Ganon and the annoying Yiga Clan, the character deserves someone so scary to express it.

Having played Gamora, Uhura and Neytiri in guardians of the galaxy (2014), Star Trek (2009), and Avatar (2009), respectively, Zoe Saldana is the obvious choice. With a long and impressive history of playing female and pragmatic characters, Saldaña brings charisma and expertise to the role in a way few others could.

By far the most annoying and arrogant of the Hyrule Champions, Revali is the pilot Rito of the Divine Beast Vah Medoh. Competitive, sardonic, and strangely British, the character is incredibly memorable and needs a voice actor who can deliver those essential qualities.

With a competitive and sardonic (and yes – even British) experience in films like Entrance for 10 (2006) and Atonement (2007) and series like Sherlock (2010), Benedict Cumberbatch is a perfect choice for Revali. Throughout his career, Cumberbatch has brought some irritating yet endearing characters to life, so Archer Rito don’t worry about him.

Loud and noisy as he is, Daruk is the Goron champion of the divine beast Vah Rudania. With a booming voice and a cheerful outlook, the actor lending his vocal talents to this Goron must possess a distinctive style and witty turn of phrase.

So obviously the first choice should be Danny DeVito. With a background in comedy through shows like It’s always nice in Philadelphia and a dubbing experience through films like Space jam (1996), Hercules (1997), and The Lorax (2012), DeVito is a super solid choice for Daruk… and it would be immensely funny to imagine a character as tall as Daruk voiced by someone as short as DeVito!

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