10 most read MSSP news items: week ended May 13, 2022

This week’s most read articles on Managed Security Service Providers (MSSPs) relate to:

10. List of MSSP mergers and acquisitions: A list of MSSP M&A mergers, acquisitions, takeovers and investments involving managed security service providers (MSSP), managed detection and response (MDR) and more.

9. Cyber ​​insurance claims and trends: Even if your business has a cyber insurance policy, a large portion of cyber risk exposures may not be insured, according to research by the Fitch Ratings Service.

8. CISA MSP Security Alert: A CISA Cybersecurity Advisory offers 12 steps MSPs can take to mitigate supply chain cyberattacks and other digital threats that target MSPs and their customers.

7. Russia vs. Ukraine Cyberattacks – The Timeline: A day-to-day look at Russia’s kinetic and cyber warfare against Ukraine.

6. Microsoft MSSP and MDR Services: A push from Microsoft security experts covers threat hunting and managed XDR security services for enterprises; comprehensive MISA for MSSPs and ISVs.

5. NIST Supply Chain Risk Management Guidance: NIST is revising its supply chain risk management best practices to help organizations protect themselves when acquiring and using technology products and services.

4. Top 250 MSSPs: Our annual look at the world’s best managed security service providers.

3. Cisco security reorganization? : According to a report, Cisco is shaking up the security industry to boost growth against its MDR, XDR and cloud security rivals. Keep an eye on the Cisco Secure MSP policy.

2. Cybersecurity risks related to quantum computing: President Joe Biden signs executive orders to mitigate risks of quantum computer cyberattacks.

1. AGCO Ransomware Attack Details and Timeline: Plus, the implications for AGCO tractor dealers, farmers and the agriculture industry.

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